Now, this is what tigers like the most :)

To create a mailing, go to the Pitch module located in the top navigation bar. Again, use the pink button (+) and click MAILING to go to the mailing creator.

Start by adding the contact groups to which you want to send the message. Click ADD CONTACTS, and select your group from the list. You can select several groups – if a given contact belongs to more than one group, it will receive your message only once. We do not want to spam, right? :)

You can change the sender’s name (From) and the email address – remember that all replies will be sent to your email address.

In the "Greetings" field, enter a general greeting or salutation that will be used for contacts that do not have a personal greeting set. This can be, for example, "Good morning," or "Dear Sir/Madam,".

Click ADD STORY to select the press release you want to share with the world. Select the title of the information from the list, and then type in the text that will appear instead of the hyperlink (for example, "click here" or "click to read the entire press release").

Enter the title of your message and your email. You decide yourself what you will find here.

Pro tip: Some PR pros paste in the most important content from the press release, others paste the whole piece. There is no golden rule – you know what is best for your contacts.

Important: Do not remove the blue boxes "Greetings" and "Story link" – they are responsible for loading a personal greeting and the link to the press release. You can place them anywhere in the message.

When the message is ready, click on the red envelope and then:

Send test – to send a test message to the email address you logged in with. We recommend to always do it before the actual shipping :)

Save as draft – your message will be saved but not sent;

Send now – the message will be sent to the selected contact group.

If the envelope icon is gray, most likely not all fields are filled in correctly – double-check it and try again.

When you hit SEND NOW, the system will proceed to send the message. Congratulations! Just sit back, enjoy your coffee and wait for the results :)

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