To create a new mailing, click on the plus button in the lower right corner of the screen and select Mailing. You'll then go to a form where you create mailings.

First, you can decide whether a mailing is to be assigned to a campaign and name it. In the From box, type the name of the sender, which will show up in the recipient’s inbox, and in the From mail field – the email address, which the mailing is to be sent from. All the answers to your mailing will go to this address.

Then select a mailing group and segments where the mailing will be sent. You can select any number of groups and segments - if some address appears multiple times, Prowly will ensure that the mailing will be sent to a recipient only once.

In the next step, you can (but do not have to) define what story you want to send in this mailing. Just select it from the list.

Then you can move on to creating an email. If you double-click anywhere on the email, you'll see a menu of elements that you can insert into the mailing. These elements are:

  • Greetings. Clicking on this button will add an element where a greeting will be inserted – personalized for specific contacts or a general greeting for all contacts. Contacts for which no defined personalized greetings are set will receive mails with a general greeting.
  • Story - clicking on this button will insert a link to a story that you want to send out
  • Link – simply allows you to add any external link to the content.

Under the field where you create mailings you can also set the link’s text which appears in the mail as the text linking to your story. For example, the title may be Read more or Click to learn more.

If you want to perform an A/B test, you can do it using the Add Variant button. The application will randomly split your audience into groups depending on the number of variants you set.

You can also add a footer to your mailing. Just click on the Add Footer button and select the footer from the list or create a new one that will be saved for future mailings.

After creating any mailing, you can later:

  • save it as a draft to come back to it later
  • test it – then you will receive an email at the email address you use to log into the application
  • plan it to be sent out in the future (any day and any time)
  • immediately send it out
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