We really tried to make it as easy as possible. It must have worked because to import your contact base you just need an Excel file.

Enter the Audience tab in your account, and then go to the Import section. Select a file from your computer, click Upload and upload your contact base – the supported database formats are: .xls, .xlsx, or .csv.

The file to be imported should be prepared in such a way that individual types of data are in the same columns. This is the only requirement. The order of the columns is not important. The important things is that all email addresses are in one column, the names of media outlets in another, and so on.

After uploading the database, you need to specify the type of data a column contains (by selecting column names) or skip any of the columns by clicking on the Skip button (if you do not want to import it). Columns which you must specify are the ones with the media names and email addresses, others can be skipped.

The next step is to check if any of the rows is highlighted in red, and - if so - correct the errors. You do not have to upload the file again - you can correct errors by editing the table directly in Prowly. When the database is ready, click on the Done button.

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