Brand Journal is your online communications center. This is where you can post your press releases, investor communications, articles, interviews, blog posts – whatever it is you want to publish. The Brand Journal also allows you to follow social media activity (visible on the home page). Each Brand Journal is also equipped with PressKit, where you can store media materials arranged in practical folders.

To create a Brand Journal, log in to your Prowly account and click on the "Set up a Brand Journal" icon on the main screen (see below).

See the screen below. If you can’t find it, you most probably do not have enough resources on your account – write to us!

In the first step, we can provide:

1. Press office name (e.g. My Company press office)

2. Interface language, English or Polish

3. Internet address (e.g. mycompany) with a subdomain – it’s possible to change it to your own domain at a later stage (e.g.

4. Press office type, BASIC or PRO (depending on account resources)

Remember that you can change all settings later.

Once you have entered all the information and hit NEXT, the next screen will appear, where you can define the design of your online press office in three simple steps.

Background – Select the image that will appear on the home page as background of the welcome message. The image will not be visible if you attach any content to slider (see below).

Main color – paste the HEX value or select the color of the press office manually. This color will display in all tiles and bookmarks.

Logo – your graphic mark or symbol that will be visible in the upper left corner of the press office.

Add Welcome Greetings – enter a welcome message or a salutation (e.g. “Welcome to the My Press Office”). The welcome message will not be shown after attaching any content to slider (see below).

After you hit NEXT, you should see this:

Here, you can create bookmarks to categorize your content. You can have as many tabs as you like – for correct display we suggest up to six. Sample bookmarks:

"Press Information" / "Media about us" / "Interviews" / "From the life of the company" "Product News" / "Corporate Information" / "Social Campaigns"

Of course, later you can modify the bookmarks :)

In the last step, you can connect your social channels, so your activity will be visible on the home page. Just paste the link to a social channel of your choice (e.g. and confirm it by hitting the CONFIRM button.

If you want Prowly to display only content with specific hashtags, simply enter it alongside the # icon.

As soon as you hit NEXT, your first press office will be ready. Now, it’s time to start filling it with content :)

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