All your press releases (articles, posts, etc. – to make things easier, we will use the term "press release") are available in the STORIES tab located in the top navigation bar. To create a new press release, click on the pink plus icon on the right and press STORY.

Enter the title of the press release and specify the interface language (English or Polish). You can also add tags that link your content to other content with the same tag (one of several ways to link content).

The following two sliders allow to:

  1. Enable / disable the panel for journalists – visible to the left of the press release, allows to copy all text to the clipboard or download all attachments in one click;
  2. Enable the display of the tags defined above.

The last step is to choose the press office where you want to publish the content, and the tab. If you do not select any Brand Journal, the content will be published as a landing page.

When you hit CONTINUE, you will go to the STORY CREATOR.

The main screen is used to enter the content of the material. The right part allows you to upload attachments (attachments tab) or content found in social media (integrations).

At the top of the screen, you will find a press release header with a place for graphics – click (+) to upload a graphic from your hard drive. Icons  allow you to change the display style. Icons ← → ↓ ↑ allow you to move the graphics vertically and horizontally. If you want to delete and select a new one, click on the bin icon.

Enter the title and the lead (optional) of your press release. Then, enter the rest of the content using any of the items in the drop-down menu:

  1. Paragraph (paragraph)
  2. Subtitle A (title)
  3. Subtitle B (subtitle)
  4. Annotation
  5. List: bullets or numbering (list)
  6. Quote 
  7. Graphic or gallery (image or gallery)
  8. Graphics that span the whole width of the screen (middle hero image)
  9. Video filling the whole width of the screen (middle hero video)
  10. Link to website (link)
  11. A snippet of custom code, such as for embedding social media content, Spotify playlists, etc. (embed).

Once you have entered the content of the information, you should add a contact person details so that journalists and other readers will be able to reach you. To do this, click on the plus button (+) in the Contact Info Section and again on the blue (+) icon to add a new contact profile.

After filling in the selected information and adding a picture, the profile will be saved and you will not have to re-create it :) Of course, you can have as many profiles as you need :)

To see the preview, click on PREVIEW button. When everything is ready, hit SAVE and use the arrow in the upper left corner to return to the previous screen. Your information will be marked with an egg symbol as a draft. Click on the egg to change the status and:

Mark the material as ready for publication (useful in team cooperation)

Schedule the publication for another date and time (schedule)

Publish the content at once (publish).

Once approved, your material will be visible on the web. Also, check out the lightning bolt and star icons. The former lets you highlight the content on the home page at the top of the screen, replacing the welcome message. You can distinguish up to three materials. If you click on the star, your material will be highlighted on the home page as one of the tiles.

There you go, You did it! Now you can start sharing your press release :)

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