Contact segments can be used in many ways. It all really depends on what kind of information about the reactions of your recipients you want to have handy. Below are few examples of ways to segment your users:

I want to know which contacts most often open emails from me:

To create this segment, go to filters (Filters) and when filtering contacts choose the Opens criterion (Opens) and define their number. Then save the results as a segment. It will refresh itself on a regular basis to show the latest figures from the history of distribution.

I want to know which contacts write about my brand most often:

To create such a segment you will need the Coverage criterion. As in the above case, you can specify the exact number of publications that you want to select. This allows you to create segments using various indicators in the form of a number of publications. This filter can only be created if, to your contacts, you add links to publications generated by them. Prowly does not automatically monitor references and publications about your brand.

I plan to reward those who read my content the most with exclusive pieces:

When filtering contacts use the Opens criterion (Opens).

The above examples illustrate only some of the possibilities of segmentation of contacts in terms of their reactions to your content. Certainly, over time you will develop your own method of organizing contacts when it comes to the criteria you can choose from when creating segments.

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