Campaign Mailings Performance Chart - what is that?

The campaigns enable you to keep your mailings organised (you can aggregate them e.g. by month, certain events and so on) and to keep track on mailings performance. You organise your mailings by aggregating them inside campaigns, while the performance you can check when clicking on campaign title.

Then, you see the details of the campaign.

Among other data, you can familiarize yourself with the so-called Campaign chart.

What are those funny dots in the Campaign Mailings Performance Chart?

The chart depicts all sent mailing in dots. So each dot is a mailing.

You can see that the dots are spread all over the chart and have different colours.

Click on the dot to see the mailing details.

What is the meaning of dots colours? 

  • Red - it means that the mailing has a poor open rate and poor click rate; what is poor? it is below your account's average

In practice? Check the title of those messages, something is wrong with it. Maybe the content is not involving enough?

  • Orange - the open rate of those mailings was poor, but for those who opened your message the content seemed to be interesting because more than average clicked on the link

In practice? Check the title - although the content was interesting, the barrier was to open it - the title is the first suspect to look closer at

  • Blue - most of your recipients opened your message but somehow not too many clicked on the link (not too many = less than your accounts average)

In practice? The title must have been good, but what about the content? Maybe the call to action was not enough appealing?

  • Green - those mailings have good open rate and good click rate, meaning higher than your account's average and, all the same, they make your global open and click rates higher

In practice? Analyze, analyze and once again analyze those mailings - why were they successful? This is your path to success to take a lesson

Let us know if you have any questions. We wish you fruitful analyses!