Dashboard - what is that?

After logging in to Prowly, you see Dashboard with actual statistics of your account. They relate to the last 30 days and compare your performance with the previous month, so you are able to verify the progress of all your activities. Data is divided into 3 sections:



Email Distribution 

If you want to precisely analyze all details of your statistical information, use the Analytics tab available in higher subscription plans of Prowly:

Traffic overview - check how many people do you reach

Prowly counts statistic of traffic on your press room, along with press releases published as standalone stories. You will find the number of visits on all your Brand Journal pages (Visits) and Unique Visits - this data does not include repetitive sessions of users. Additionally, Views statistic will inform you how many times single content was displayed, while visits from link aggregated in the email sent from the Pitch you will find in the Clicks section. 

Below Traffic overview section, you will find information about your press releases:

  • Top story: press release with the highest number of unique visits
  • Last published: last published press release
  • Last draft: recently created press release

Contact list activity - check the condition of your database

We also measure data related to your database in the Audience:

  • Added: recently implemented contacts
  • Unique sends: sent email messages
  • Bounced: number of emails that bounced, i.e. situations when recipient's mailbox rejected your message to any reason
  • Clicks: number of unique/non-unique clicks in your emails

Email statistics - check

In this section, you will verify such data metrics like:

  • Emails: how many emails did you send last 30 days
  • Sent: how many recipients did you have in those emails
  • Opens: number of unique/non-unique emails that got opened
  • Clicks: number of unique/non-unique clicks 
  • Open Rate: percentage statistic of your emails opens
  • Click Rate: percentage statistic of users who clicked the link

Warning: If your recipient opens the email for the first time, it is counted +1 to statistics of unique opens and +1 to non-unique, but if he returns to the email 3 more times, then you have only 1 unique open and 4 non-unique.

In grey tiles under email statistics, you have access to detailed metrics of 3 recently created or updated campaigns. Grey tile indicates the best Click Rate of email shipped during the last 30 days. At the very bottom of the Dashboard, you will find the list of sent emails along with their titles, as well as A/B tests - emails sent in two different variants. 

If you have any questions, contact us via chat or write an email directly to
support@prowly.com. Also, check how to integrate Prowly with Google Analytics.