How to edit properties for multiple contacts at once?

If you need to update some information for many journalists at once, select them in your database first, then click on the More actions button over the table, and choose the Edit property option from the drop-down. In the newly opened window choose a contact property you want to update, like Country, Language, or Topic.

Then, provide data for the selected property. Some of them allow you to write your own information (e.g. Greetings), some of them let you pick up one value from multiple propositions (e.g. Timezone), and eventually, there are Language and Topics properties where you can apply multiple values at once like on the screenshot below:


Contact properties that allow having only one concrete value, like Timezone, overwrite themselves. So if your contact has Paris timezone and you select Chicago during a bulk edition, there will be Chicago in the Timezone property after the update.

If contact property allows having multiple values, like Topics, your edit won't overwrite old data. Let's see the example: if John Kowalski had Automotive topic, while Sarah Johnson had Beauty topic, and during a bulk edition both of them received Art and Books values, after the update, John will have Automotive, Art, and Books topics, while Sarah - naturally - Beauty, Art, and Books.