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How Media Discovery works?

Media Discovery is an inside-app search engine. In Prowly you can try it for free and if you will find interesting contacts, you can enrich your account to its full version.

How to try Media Discovery?

If you want to find new outlets, bloggers and influencers to extend your current database, go to the Audience and choose Media Discovery for free-of-charge testing:

The search engine is advanced and allows you to find contacts by different types of data, such as outlet name, journalist's role, topic or localization:

Media Discovery will suggest interesting topics. It will also remember the phrases you searched for. A full list of topics available in Media Discovery can be found here.

As soon as you will see the search results, you get overall information about how many contacts met your search criteria with brief information about each of them. After activating the full access, you can see all the contacts details, such as:

  • email address,
  • phone number,
  • outlet,
  • address,
  • languages they speak,
  • topics they usually cover,
  • social media profiles.

How to add Media Discovery contact to my media database?

As soon as you will activate a full version of Media Discovery, you will be able to add contacts to your media database in the Audience. It's simple - just enter the contact card of journalist you want to transfer and click the Add contact button that is placed in the right upper corner:

You can add new journalists straight to a group that already exists in your media database, create a new group or just add this contact to your base without any group. Remember that every contact moved to the Audience from Media Discovery is counted to the contacts limit specified in the subscription plan you have chosen. Learn more about exporting Media Discovery contacts in this article.