How to copy/duplicate emails

After entering Pitch, in the Emails tab, you can see all emails with different statuses: Draft, Scheduled and Sent. You can also check statistics related to the number of recipients, Open rate, Click rate, and Bounces. 

Sometimes you don't need to write an email from scratch, as copying the content or its structure from previously sent emails is much more time-efficient. For such a use case, take advantage of the duplication option that can be found under three dots icon:

1. Find the email you want to duplicate
2. Click three dots icon located on the right side
3. Select the Duplicate option to copy the email
4. Observe that at the very top of the list, a new draft of the email has appeared

It will have no recipients selected and there are no statistics provided yet, but the email content is the same as the one from the source. Click the email name to check it and provide the necessary edits before executing distribution. Remember, you can copy emails regardless of their status, i.e. scheduled emails can also be copied.