How to create a Brand Journal?

Brand Journal is your online communication center. This is where you can publish your press releases, investor bulletins, articles, interviews or blog posts and share your social media activities. Each one is also equipped with Press Kit, where you can store media materials arranged in practical folders.

If you configure Brand Journal for the first time:

The application automatically creates Brand Journal with basic functions during the registration process, so your press room is available on your account from the very beginning. Choose Brand Journals menu on the left navigation panel and click the Settings option with the gear icon to precisely configure it:

In the opened window, you will find key settings related to the design of your press room. You can personalize them accordingly to visual identification of your product or brand.

Design - Logo - upload logotype or symbol recognizable in your community, that's going to be visible in the top left corner of Brand Journal

Design - Background - upload image, which will appear on the press room homepage, if you won't decide to add any press release to the slider. We name it background graphic, as it visually covers welcome message of your Brand Journal like here:

Design - Theme Color
- copy HEX value or put it manually to choose the major colour of your Brand Journal. It will be displayed in every tile and tab

Design - Favicon - upload icon for browser tab of your press room, preferably in 32x32 px format

Basics - Brand Journal title - set a name for your pressroom:

  • visible along with welcome greetings on Brand Journal homepage, if you won't add any press release to a slider
  • visible in the browser tab, if you won't change the title for browser in the SEO section
  • displayed over a description of Brand Journal at the bottom of its homepage

Basics - Language - choose interface language of Brand Journal

Basic - Homepage Greetings - welcome readers of your press releases with a concrete phrase. Greetings will occur on the homepage of Brand Journal under its title if you won't add any information to the slider 

Basics - Footer section - describe a mission of your company along with the purpose of Brand Journal. Add a link to your company website in order to increase traffic. This description will be displayed at the very bottom of the press room

Address - - set your URL address for Brand Journal based on subdomain, e.g.

Address - - redirect your press room to your own domain (like or subdomain (like after correct configuration of redirecting value at your domain provider dashboard

Warning: this function is available only in Pro and Premium plans. If you don't see it, but want to redirect press room to own domain, please contact us via chat or email:

SEO - Title for search engines - implement text, which will be displayed on the browser tab of Brand Journal and search results in Google, like here:

SEO - Keywords - add most important terms separated with commas, describing the content of press room, in order to increase its exposure in Google

SEO - Description for search engines - add your Brand Journal description, which will be displayed below its title in Google, like here:

SEO - Google Analytics Tracking ID
- ID from your Google Analytics account copied right here will allow you to verify Brand Journal performance

Custom Integrations - Integration script: (HEAD) - integrate different tools to improve readers' experience in your Brand Journal, configure chats for press and clients or advanced forms of lead generation. Copy scripts for desired integrations in this field and they will appear in the <HEAD> section

Custom Integrations - Integration script: (BODY)
- similarly, you can integrate tools that you use on a daily basis with a <BODY> section of your press room

Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy - fill these forms with sentences universally accepted in your organization. You can also link sites where policies are precisely described

- add informative clause related to personal data processing for users visiting your Brand Journal. Find more valuable tips in Help Center.

Unsubscribe form - add custom form allowing subscribers to unfollow your newsletter

Save settings when your configuration is ready. Now you can start publishing of breathtaking content in your Brand Journal on a regular basis. If you want to see a preview of the press room, click Open Preview option in Actions section on the left navigation menu:

If you already have a Brand Journal but want to add one more:

When the amount of created press rooms reached your account limit and you need more, please contact us directly via chat or email:

If your resources are sufficient, enter Brand Journals module on the left navigation menu and choose Create A Brand Journal from Actions section:

After the initial configuration of Brand Journal settings, you will be able to find it in the drop-down list next to all previously created press rooms:

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