How to create a photo gallery in a press release

There are two ways of presenting images in a story. The first is adding them individually - then they appear one after another. The second is to create a standard gallery - then the pics will appear as thumbnails next to one another under the first image from the gallery. Just click the plus icon in Story Creator and choose the Gallery element from the list:

You can upload images from your own resources or Media Library:

If you choose Media Library, you will see a new window with all the images that you or your coworkers have uploaded to Prowly. You have to check the box on the left upper corner of each image that you want to add to your gallery and confirm your selection by clicking Add selected images to story button:

After adding a gallery, you can also determine if you prefer your photos to change automatically on the slider or manually when the viewer clicks on arrows. You can also implement new graphics to the gallery element: