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How to format text in the email body

Prowly allows you to format an email body in your own way. If you don't to embed a press release, you can write content from scratch using an editing panel located above the email creator.


Formatting options:

  1. Bold - your content will be formatted this way
  2. Italic - your content will be formatted this way
  3. Underline - your content will be formatted this way
  4. Strikethrough - your content will be crossed out
  5. Subscript - place the content slightly below the baseline; used mostly when showing chemistry molecular formulas or mathematical values like sequences
  6. Superscript - place the content slightly above the normal line of type; used mostly when showing squared values or numerals specifying the order 
  7. Font Family - choose a font from among Arial, Georgia, Impact, Tahoma, Times New Roman and Verdana
  8. Font Size - choose the size of the font
  9. Text Color - choose a color for the text from predefined options or provide a HEX code to align your email content with brand identification guidelines
  10. Background Color - choose the color that will appear in the background of the text or provide a HEX code to align your email content with brand identification guidelines
  11. Inline Class - choose a CodeHighlighted or Transparent class to respectively present a selected text on the grey background, distinguish selected text with a yellow background or change the selected text's color to white-grey.
  12. Quote - add a vertical mark - | - indicating the quote's beginning and write the content or select a text that should be changed into the quote and then use formatting
  13. Paragraph Format - change the format of the paragraph when it comes to its size and bolding
  14. Paragraph Style - grey out a paragraph, surround it with borders, increase the spacing between letters or change content into uppercases
  15. Clear formatting - delete implemented formatting on the selected piece of content
  16. Ordered list - write a numerical list in the email body
  17. Unordered list - write a point list in the email body
  18. Align - justify the email body or align content to the left, to the right or to the center
  19. More Rich - under this button, you can verify the code view of the email, find plenty of special characters that can't be written with a standard keyboard and a horizontal line that can divide the email into different parts that significantly differ from each other

Note: You can undo and redo formatting actions with the arrow buttons located above the email creator. Also, remember about the options of adding a link, image or table, as well as keyboard shortcuts that can greatly accelerate email creation. Read about them here.