How to launch Media Discovery in your account

During a trial of Prowly, you have access to the Media Discovery add-on in the exact form that is available in the full version. You can even search for contacts, add them to your own database at Prowly, creating new ready-to-pitch lists, but you won't be able to see journalists' email addresses or phone numbers.

If you are convinced that Media Discovery contains valuable contacts from your industry or within topics that interest you the most, and you would like to freely start pitching them, you can activate this add-on.

How to activate the full version of Media Discovery

  1. Ping us on chat or write an email to our Customer Support: We will launch the Media Discovery add-on for you in a subscription plan.
  2. You can choose a plan on your own and pin your credit card, simultaneously paying for the first month of Media Discovery service.

What do monthly plans look like? Check out our pricing site.