Personal data protection: where can I define if I have the consent or not?

As soon as you upload the database to Prowly or add a contact individually since the personal data protection is activated on your account  (where to switch it off?), there are a few pieces of information about each contact marked by default.

It is related to GDPR regulation and a rule of privacy by default

So each of your contacts:

  • falls under GDPR regulation
  • doesn't have consent for their personal data processing

Where can I change default data protection settings?

Contact detail's card - GDPR tab

In your Audience contacts database, each contact has a contact detail card. You can enter it by clicking on the contact's name. On the card, among other information, you will find a tab called GDPR. This tab holds all the information regarding personal data protection and in default, there is no consent for processing data. 

You can find two switches in this card. The first one tells Prowly if the contact falls under GDPR legal regulations. The second one tells, if you have the consent for processing the personal data of this contact. Of course, in order to distribute pitch compliant to GDPR regulation, you need to check that you have consent from a journalist by turning on the second switch.

You can also mark the contacts in bulk by using mass actions in your Audience main view. Mark proper journalists, click Actions and choose Turn on in the GDPR consent by default section: