Brand journal is your online communications center. This is where you can post your press releases, investor communications, articles, interviews, blog posts – whatever it is you want to publish. The Brand journal also allows you to follow social media activity (visible on the home page). Each brand journal is also equipped with Press kit, where you can store media materials arranged in practical folders.

If you are setting up your Prowly account from scratch, then the app set up process forces you to create brand journal with basic features so you have one already after the set up process is done. 

In other case if you need a journal on you account go to Brand journals module on the left navigation bar and choose Create brand journal from the Actions section,

If you cannot find it, it means the number of brand journals already created equals journals capacity for the account, so click on Brand journals and check if your brand journal isn't already there.

If not or you just need more journals on your account,  you can contact us via chat (right down corner) or e-mail

Anyway, if you see this button - Create brand journal it means you are free to create another brand journal. Click on the button and you will see the configuration window.

Now we will go through every section of the configuration process:

Journal Design - Logo here you can upload your company logotype, your graphic mark or symbol that will be visible in the upper left corner of the press office.

Journal Design - theme colour - paste the HEX value or select the color of the press office manually. This color will display in all tiles and bookmarks.

Journal Design - Background - this is the image which will appear in your brand journal main page if you don't attach any of your stories to slider. It is called background because it is background for Homepage greetings (later on it is described as well). This image will be displayed like this one:

Journal Basics - Brand journal title this is the text that:

  • will be visible on the main page of your Brand Journal above the Welcome greetings if you don't attach any of your stories to slider
  • it will also be displayed as a tab name if you don't fill in Title for search engines (in Journal SEO section)
  • will be displayed above brand journal description on the homepage

Journal Basics -  Languge this is language of the interface in your brand journal

Journal Basics - Description - explain to your readers what your organization is about. It's good to describe the brand journal and it's purpose. Add a link to your main website to encourage more traffic. This description is displayed on the bottom of the homepage.

Journal Domains - Create your subdomain on - here you determine the address of your brand journal as a subdomain on domain, for example

Journal Domains - Custom domain - here you can enter you own domain (for example or your own subdomain ( address after you redirect the domain or subdomain accordingly - see this article:

Note: this feature is available only in certain pricing plans. If you don't see it but you would like to have this possibility, contact us via chat or e-mails us on

Journal SEO - Title for search engines - the text you enter here will be displayed on the tab with your brand journal open, like here:

Journal SEO - SEO keywords - add your keyword here.

Journal SEO - description for search engines - here you can enter the description you want to be seen in search results like here:

Journal SEO - Google Analitics Tracking ID - if you paste GA Tracking ID here you will be able to track the performance of your Brand Journal in your GA Account.

Journal Customs - 3rd party app integrations HEAD - integrate various 3rd party tools to enhance readers experience with your brand journal, setup customer serivce chats or advanced lead generation forms. These scripts will appear in the <HEAD> section.

Journal Customs - 3rd party app integrations BODY - Integrate various 3rd party tools to enhance readers' experience with your brand journal, setup customer serivce chats or advanced lead generation forms. These scripts will appear in the <BODY> section.

At the very end click Save and your brand journal is ready to be filled with breathtaking stories.

If you would like to preview your brand journa go to Open preview in the Actions section:

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