If you want to send some materials to your contacts, you must first add them to your database. To do this, go to the AUDIENCE module in the top navigation bar. Again, you will see a pink plus button. Click on it, and select CONTACT.

Enter all the important information, such as the name, editorial office/company, email address, and personalized greeting or salutation (e.g. "Dear Editor," or "Hey Raphael!" – the greeting will be displayed at the beginning of each email sent to this contact). Each contact must have a name and email address – providing other information is optional.

Would you like to add a phone number or your own notes? You can do this later :)

Once you hit SAVE, the contact will appear in your media database.

Remember that you can also import your current media database. It's very simple – all you need is an Excel file (* .csv, * .xls or * .xlsx). Read more on this topic.

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