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Types of email Errors

In the 4th step of email creation, called Review, you can check how well you have written and configured your email before sending it. From this place, with the Resolve button, you can go back and fix all problems that can decrease your email's performance or simply make sending it impossible. While Suggestions can be dismissed, Errors are mandatory and you can't proceed until each one is resolved. The 5 types of email Errors you can encounter are:

  1. Empty sender email address
    Provide the sender’s email you would like your recipients to see.
  2. Empty sender name
    Enter the sender’s name you would like your recipients to see.
  3. Empty subject line
    Provide a subject line for your email.
  4. No recipients selected
    Include at least one group or individual contact to receive your email.
  5. Your email is missing message body
    You need to write some content in the body of your email.

Not many senders forget about filling in such crucial data for their email, but surely not many remember about all techniques of email optimization when executing distributions. In order to increase your deliverability performance, take an additional look at this set of Suggestions that you can optionally implement before clicking the Send button.