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Types of email Suggestions

Besides the obligatory corrections in Errors, in the Review step of email creation, you can find a list of Suggestionthat are optional. Resolving them, though, strongly boosts email performance. They include:

  1. Too many attachments
    They can make reading your message and choosing the right materials difficult. We recommend adding no more than 10 attachments per email.
  2. Improper or forbidden words
    Avoid words that frequently trigger spam filters. 
  3. Too-long subject line
    We recommend not exceeding 60 characters in the subject line. 
  4. No campaign
    Consider adding this email to the campaign for easier performance analysis of other related content.
  5. No preview text
    Implement a preview text, as it displays next to the subject line and can become a second chance to encourage recipients to open your email.
  6. Text-to-images ratio too low
    Image-heavy emails without much text are often red-flagged by spam filters, so try writing more content or decrease the number of images.
  7. Links that don't work
    Some links included in your email body seem to be invalid.
  8. Personalization tokens - missing fallback
    You haven’t set a fallback for recipients without a contact property used for email personalization.