User Interface of Story Creator

In order to enter Story Creator mode, create a brand new press release or edit an available one in Brand Journals.

Main settings of press release

You will find them in the left top corner. Here you can:

  • Go to the press release settings (Configuration, Thumbnail, Sharing settings, SEO) using the gear icon;
  • See the preview of the press release (how it will look published in the press room);
  • Change the typeface to serif or sans-serif in the title, subheadings and all press release paragraphs;
  • Add an attachment to the press release;
  • Download the information and save it as PDF or DOCX.

Navigation panel

Thanks to navigation panel In Story Creator you can pin your press release to a concrete Press Room and tab without entering its settings. You can also return to the main view of Brand Journals, where all press releases are aggregated:

Publication status

When you create a final version of the press release, you can change its status from Draft to Ready, choose a publication date in Scheduled status or publish your content immediately:

Changes saved?

Changes implemented in the press release are saved every 5 seconds, but you can save them manually here:

After configuring and publishing your press release, you can send it to your media list in Audience or create brand new content.