VIP zone - how to send a mailing to VIPs?

  1. Firstly add at least one press release to the VIP zone

    Enter Brand Journal, click three dots menu near press release you want to add to the VIP zone and choose "VIP". As a confirmation, in the left top corner of the press release tile, you will see indicator "VIP".
  2. Add VIP tag to existing contacts

    You can distinguish VIPs from existing contacts. Select them and then click Actions and choose Add tags. Write 'VIP' in the pop-up window and save changes.
  3. Create a segment with VIP contacts

    In Audience module go to Filters → Filter type choose Tag → Condition → choose is like → Filter Value → write VIPSave as segment → and name a segment VIP. This way you created dynamic contacts segment with a criterion related to tag named VIP. So every contact having this tag will be added automatically to this segment, including journalists that you will add to the database in future.
  4. Invite VIP contacts to the VIP zone

    Enter Brand Journal and choose created pressroom from the drop-down menu. Enter Subscribers and add VIP contacts to your database. They will receive an invitation over the email.
  5. Wait for a  journalist

    After receiving an invitation, the journalist will need to create an account, providing email address, name (optional), outlet (optional) and password, and confirming data along with Terms & Conditions. All articles added to the VIP zone will be visible for VIP user.
  6. Send Emails to VIPs

    Enter the Pitch module and choose New Mailing option. Add a press release that you want to share with VIPs. When journalist will click an article, he will be redirected to VIP zone, where he will need to log in or sign up, if he hasn't accepted your invitation from the previous step.  

If you have any questions, open chat in the left bottom corner and ask us directly.