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What are bounced emails?

Bounced emails are the addresses that did not receive your message. Servers can reject emails for several reasons:

  • The recipient has a full inbox and there was no place for your email. This reason is easy to identify because you will receive a message informing you of this fact.
  • The email address does not exist or is no longer used. This is a much riskier situation because spam filters like to use such addresses as so-called spam traps. If you are running several mailings to a non-existent or broken address, the filters assume that you don’t care if anybody reads or responds to your messages, so you will be most likely classified as spam.

The statistics of addresses that reject your messages are a great way to maintain the most current media database, which, in turn, allows you to maintain the best mailing statistics. If an address appears on the list of rejected addresses, first check if the email address is valid and whether it contains any typos, etc. It makes sense to contact the company the recipient works for to find out whether the email address still exists.