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What are the elements of a perfect mailing?

An ideal mailing should be primarily tailored to your audience, so it's important to create mailing groups whose recipients are actually interested in your messages.

The more personalized a mailing is, the better. This is why Prowly allows you to insert the field Greetings, where personalized greetings for previously set contacts will be inserted automatically.

As for the message itself, it is worth considering, what will prompt the recipients to click a link to the story. From our experience, the most commonly used solutions are:

  • Adding a short text with the basic information and a link to the content underneath it (Call to Action). For example: Click to see the content
  • Adding a lead to your content
  • Adding information to the message parts or the whole and adding a Call to Action message like Click to download attachments or Click to find out more - this solution is especially useful when you are worried that the recipient is not accustomed to receiving content this way

It makes sense to try to make a mailing more interesting by adding different elements, such as graphics or additional links, for example to videos related to the content of your message.

Do not forget about an interesting title that encourages opening the message. Whenever it is possible, the message title should be short and should contain the most important elements at the beginning. A large percentage of recipients read emails on mobile devices, where only a small number of characters can fit. Inserting the most important elements at the beginning of the title or shortening it increases the chances that recipients will read your message.