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What is a Click Rate of mailings and how to increase it?

Click Rate is a percentage indicator showing how many people from all addressees actually clicked the link sent in the mailing or campaign. After attracting the recipient with the title, the email’s content must be interesting enough to keep them reading. It should provide the key information about the news while encouraging to read the content linked in the message. Pay attention to the text of the link (call to action). It should be engaging and describe what you can find under the link (Click to learn more, Click to download attachments, etc.). Describing what you will find under the link can also increase the trust of recipients and prompt them to click.

Remember, however, that there is no way of writing emails which would ensure the best possible click rate in every recipient group. For some, just some brief information about what you will find under the link is enough. Others will expect you to send the entire content of the information in the mail and the link to be there just to download the attachments. You can test different approaches to creating emails using A/B testing and compare the effectiveness of different versions.