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What is an Open Rate of mailings and how to increase it?

Open Rate is a percentage indicator of your mailings openability, i.e. statistics of how many people from your target group actually opened your message.  What primarily impacts the open rate of your emails is the title. Prowly allows you to test different versions of the message title using A/B testing and comparing the effectiveness of different versions.

The message title should inspire to open the message. The more tailored it is to the interests of your recipients, the better, that’s why proper targeting is so important.

Also, pay attention to the length of the title. A large percentage of journalists read emails on mobile devices and email apps display fewer characters. If you can’t shorten the title, make sure that the key information is at the beginning.

You can also try to emphasize the title of your message by using special characters or emoticons if you think they fit the theme of the message and the audience.