What is the story status change?

The story status change is used for identifying the phase of creation for a particular piece. There are four statuses: Draft, Ready, Scheduled, Published. For example, if you are waiting for the acceptance of a press release by another user of your account (e.g. your boss or a client of your agency who may be a Prowly user with limited privileges), you can set the status to Ready, so the person who accepts it will be able to plan the publication (Scheduled) or immediately publish the reviewed content.

Remember that unless you change the status of your story to Published, it will only be visible to the users of your account. Changing the status to Published is also the moment when we begin to collect statistics on your story, i.e. the number of page views, unique visitors and sessions.

The publication of the press release can also be planned, which is particularly useful if you use the Audience and Pitch features and when you want to synchronize the publication with the distribution of scheduled email, even if the press release should be sent out early in the morning or during the weekend.

You can change story status on the story tile in Brand Journals (visible on the first screen above) or inside the Story Creator tool in the right-top corner:

In the Brand Journal you can also sort all your press releases by status in order to understand how many pieces of content are still in production and how many press releases were already published or scheduled. Choose an icon next to the search bar: