How to add or remove a tag from a contact

Through tagging contacts, you help yourself in keeping the whole database clean, transparent, and easy to navigate. If you want to add a tag to some journalists in the Audience, follow these short instructions:

1. Choose the Contacts option on the left navigation menu
2. Find journalists you want to tag, for example with the help of the search bar
3. Select them and then click the Add tags button located over your database
4. In the Add tag window, check existing tags that should indicate selected contacts or create a new tag

Under the More actions button, located next to the Add tags button, you can find the Remove tags option. It deletes tags from chosen contacts but does not delete tags permanently from your database.

Contact card

You can verify a particular contact's details on his dedicated card. Find a journalist in your database, click on the name, and scroll all the way down to the Tag section. Here you can both select new tags and remove old ones with the X icon. 

If you have any questions related to tag management in Prowly, please reach us via chat.