FAQ - issues with payments

This article represents the most common issues regarding the payments in Prowly

A: The payment made via card did not go through

B: You should try to re-enter your payment method in Account Settings, and retry again (or ask us to charge your card manually after you completed the previous step)


A: Unsuccessful verification of new payment method - Authentication required

B: Your's bank declined the transaction because a 3D Secure authentication was not performed during checkout. Please, authenticate using 3D Secure, then attempt the authorization again.


A: CVV is not verified

B: The card-issuing bank received the CVV, but did not verify whether it was correct. This typically happens if the bank declines an authorization before evaluating the CVV.


A: Transaction declined. Fraud suspected.

B: Your's bank suspects fraud – You'll need to contact your bank for more information.


A: Transaction declined.

B: Your bank is unwilling to accept the transaction. You'll need to contact your bank for more details regarding this generic decline.


A: CVV does not match. 

B: The CVV provided does not match the information on file with the cardholder's bank. When CVV matches but the error still appears, it means that there are insufficient funds.