How to use and save filters

In My contacts, you can find the Filters section that allows you to quickly browse through your contact list and find contacts that meet certain criteria:


contacts filters add

After clicking the + Add button you will see a window with all filters:

contacts filter list
You can freely combine parameters with each other. After finding the filter you want to use, just click on it, select the best criteria for your needs, and provide data to execute filtering. Selecting AND or OR operators lets you decide if searched contacts should meet all chosen criteria or any of them.

contacts filters and or operator

What types of filters I can use to filter out my contacts?

  • First name - search for contacts by their name
  • Last name - search for contacts by their surname
  • Tag - search for contacts indicated with some tag
  • Outlet - search for contacts working for some outlet
  • Outlet link - search for contacts by their outlet web address
  • Role - search for contacts by their role
  • Type - search for person, organization, company our outlet
  • Contact Email - search for contacts by their email address
  • Source - search for manually created contacts, ones coming from Prowly's Media Database or imported from a spreadsheet
  • List - search for contacts that are a part of some media list
  • Highlight - search for contacts marked with a star
  • Influencer Score - search for contacts having a certain impact 
  • Topic - search for contacts covering particular topics
  • Language - search for contacts speaking a certain language
  • Country - search for contacts coming from or publishing in certain countries
  • City - search for contacts coming from or publishing in certain cities
  • ZIP Code - search for contacts from cities with a certain zip code
  • Created by - search for contacts that were added to the database by a certain user
  • Owner - search for contacts by the user who takes care of the relationship with them
  • Created at - search for contacts added to the database at a certain time
  • Opens, Clicks - search for contacts that opened your email or clicked a link inside for some number of times
  • Open rate, Click rate, Bounce rate - search for contacts with certain statistics
  • Unsubscribed - search for contacts that unsubscribed from your email activities
  • Blacklisted - after turning on this parameter, Prowly will select media contacts to which none of your emails has been delivered. Our server added their addresses to the title black list due to the huge amount of bounces. If you find some valid contacts on this list, contact us on chat.
  • Email Name - search for contacts who received an email with a specific title
  • Press release - search for contacts who clicked your press release with a specific title
  • Phone - search for contacts by their phone number
  • Link - search for contacts by web addresses available in their contact cards
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest - search for contacts by their social media accounts 

Filter rules:

  • is exactly - data is exactly the same as value provided in this filter rule
  • doesn't contain exactly -  data is different from the value provided in this filter rule
  • contains - data contains some part of the value provided in this filter rule
  • doesn't contain - data does not contain any part of the value provided in this rule
  • is known - field chosen for the filter is not empty in the contact card
  • is unknown - field chosen for the filter is empty in the contact card
  • true - applies to those features of contacts that can be active or inactive, eg. Highlight is true will search only starred contacts
  • false - not true
  • is greater than - for numerical values, e.g. Open Rate greater than 50 will search for contacts with Open Rate of more than 50%
  • is less than - similar to above, but Open Rate less than 50 would naturally search for contacts with Open Rate less than 50%
  • is more than - refers to the additional possibility of limiting a specific criterion to the number of days, e.g. more than 6 days
  • exactly - refers to the number of days, e.g. exactly 6 days ago parameter will find contacts that exactly 6 days ago had e.g. Open Rate on the level consistent with other filters
  • is less than - also applies to the number of days
  • is after - refers to dates, for example after a specific date
  • is equal to - refers to dates, i.e. on a specific day
  • is before - also applies to dates, i.e. before a specific date

What is the Optional date filter?

You can also fill the Optional date filter in the filter criteria. Using this non-mandatory option you can narrow down search criteria to a specific time period. Below you will find a practical example:

Data from Open rate, Click rate, and Bounce rate is based on unique activities. 

If you send 4 pitches to a particular journalist, and he opened 2 of them twice, the Open rate will show us 2 email opens and the Open rate score will be 50%: 2 (unique opens) / 4 (sum of sent emails), as we do not verify how many times a single pitch was opened.

Let's assume we want to find contacts that opened more than 80% of all pitches. Adding the Optional date filter with the less than 30 days ago rule, in the search results we will have only those journalists who opened more than 80% of emails during the last month.

Or let's assume you search for contacts that never opened any email from you. Adding the Optional date filter with value after 01-01-2018, the search engine will show only these journalists with a Click rate below 1%, counting from the first day of 2018.

Finally, maybe you want to find all journalists that bounce. With the Optional date filter set for 01.01.2021, search results will aggregate contacts with a Bounce rate scoring 100% exactly at January 1st, 2021.

Saving filter combinations

Filtering options are limitless due to merging (OR/AND) functionalities. If some configuration is not one-time use and can become important in your regular database management, remember about the option of saving filter presets for future usage.


contacts filters save and my filters


All saved filter combinations can be found in the My Filters section. If you select a particular one, your contact database will filter out contacts that currently meet all set criteria. Saving filter presets can be also helpful when executing your email campaigns to a precisely specified target.