How to use media contact recommendations based on the contents of a press release

If you want to save time on researching media contacts and creating targeted media lists, you might want to leverage contact recommendations based on the content of your press releases using AI!

    Use AI to analyze the content of your press release and recommend best-suited journalists based on keywords found in the text! Discover the upgraded version of contact recommendations by navigating to Content -> Newsrooms or Content -> Press Releases and creating a new press release or editing an existing one. 

    Prepare your press release, and once you make sure it's at least 100 characters long, you can use the "Find relevant journalists" feature on the right-hand side of the screen. To begin, simply click "Start". 

    Prowly will then analyze the text of the press release, identify the most important keywords and recommend journalists who are interested in similar topics and have already used these keywords in their works in the past:

    press release recommended journalists AI

    On the right side, you can see all the keywords extracted from the text - you can also modify them by clicking "Edit".

    By clicking "See details", you can preview the journalists' contact cards and check more information about them. Once you choose "View in Media Database", you will be redirected to the Media Database module, where you can see the exact results of the search based on the keywords present in the press release:

    press release recommended contacts media database view

    Use our recommendations under "Related keywords" to add more keywords - simply click on the ones you'd like to include in your search.

    Go through the contacts, tick those you find most relevant and save them by clicking "Add to My Selection" or directly save them in your contacts by choosing "Add to list". With such a targeted audience, your content should get in front of the right people and get you more media coverage in the long run.

    It might happen that Prowly won't be able to find matching results based on the content of your press release. There can be many reasons for that: the text might be too short or need more keywords. In such cases, you can modify the search yourself by clicking "Add keywords". Put them in, separating them with commas and once ready, click "View media contacts":

    press release recommend contacts no results