How can I import my contacts to the Audience?

In order to import your contacts to Prowly, go to Audience and:

  1.  Choose Create contacts in the Actions section:

2. Choose Import contacts from spreadsheet in the dropdown list: 

3. Select a file from your computer and click Upload

Warning: The file you want to import should be prepared in such a way that individual types of data are accumulated in the same columns. The order of the columns is not important, important is to locate e.g. all email addresses in one column.

These type of data can be imported to Prowly:

  • email
  • outlet
  • first name
  • last name
  • city
  • zip
  • personal greetings
  • address
  • role
  • country
  • tag list - multiple can be added
  • phone - multiple can be added
  • Twitter profile - multiple can be added
  • Vimeo profile - multiple can be added
  • Facebook profile - multiple can be added
  • Linkedin profile - multiple can be added
  • Instagram profile - multiple can be added
  • Pinterest profile - multiple can be added
  • Youtube profile - multiple can be added
  • link - multiple can be added, for example, website address, which will be displayed in the social media section in contact details card

Some data can be multiplied, for example, phone numbers by either entering into one column (and separating with comma or semi-colon) or adding each phone number in a separate column. If you can add more that one item of the information to a/m data type, it is marked with 'multiple can be added'. After uploading a file, you need to tell what you have in your columns by selecting the names for Prowly column.

You can skip matching columns by using the Skip buttonJust remember that the required data is an e-mail address - without this one, you will not be able to import a file to Prowly. After you match columns, you can specify contacts with tags and implement them to existing groups or create new ones.

Now you need to fix potential errors in the imported file. Correct invalid records button will help you do it. The error types are different, but you can see them all highlighted by red color next to the invalid cell. Error sorts are:

  • Email already exists in your database - you tried to import the contact already uploaded to the database in the Audience
  • Invalid email format - email format is unacceptable, e.g. namesurname@
  • File is empty - yes... simply there is no data to analyze
  • You need to set or skip each column - some data columns during the import process weren't  configured or omitted yet

    You do not have to upload the file again - you can correct errors by editing the table directly in Prowly. If you have a problem with uploading the database, remember that file needs to have .xls or .csv format. When the database is ready, click on the Continue button.

    To make the process easier, we also prepared a database template. Download it here.

    In order to increase Open Rate and Click Through Rate of your emails, it is worth to personalize them in accordance with different types of journalists. How to aggregate contacts in groups, you can read in a separate article.