How to add Spokespeople to your Newsroom's homepage

If you want to show contact details of your Spokespeople on the Newsroom's homepage:

  1. Go to Newsrooms and choose the Spokespeople option:

2. Add as much information as possible, including name, surname, photo, and email
3. Confirm the provided data with the Save button
4. The saved card will be presented on the left side of the window
5. Select the one you want to add to the Newsroom
6. Turn on your card with a slider from Show on the following Newsrooms section:

7. The card will show up under the description of Newsroom and all its published press releases

You can present more than one card in your Newsroom. Just follow the same steps again. Remember that in Spokespeople you can also create contact cards for Authors, Contributors, PR Managers, and any other people who represent your company.