How to change the typeface in your press release

Depending on your visual identification preferences you can choose between sans-serif or serif fonts in your press releases. Here's how. 

  1. You have to choose the TT icon in the left upper corner of Story Creator:

2. You will see two sliders in a default setting:

3. We move sliders to the right in order to turn on serif fonts for all titles & subtitles (first slider) and for all paragraphs (the second one). You can choose one of these two elements or both:

What are the differences between these two fonts?

Sans-serif font is the font with straight dashes. In the press release it will look like this:

The Serif font is the font with sheriffs or cursors - transverse or diagonal endings of dashes in some typefaces. They increase the readability of the font, help to transfer eyesight from one character to another. This is what the serif font will look like: