How to manage elements in Story Creator

Tooltip in Story Creator consists of three content management features:

Moving elements in a press release:

The first icon allows moving an element up or down by the drag & drop method. Even after creating a concrete portion of information, elements can be arranged in any order. Fixed elements are the title of the press release and a description (superscription) located above it.

Editing elements

After clicking on the gear icon, you will expand a list of editing options. The content of this menu differs depending on what element it concerns. For example, text elements contain an additional option, Change type:

  • Remove - deletes the whole element from a press release
  • Left - aligns text to the left side
  • Center - centres the text
  • Right - aligns text to the right
  • Justify - justifies the text
  • Change type - lets you change the type of chosen element

An example: We added a text, but eventually we want to replace it with a quote or ordered list. We can do it using this function.

Adding elements

The last element from the described set is a plus. It shows the list of all elements that we can add to the article being written in the Story Creator. Click the one you want to use.