How to manage tabs in Brand Journal

Tabs help you to keep your Brand Journal organized and easier to navigate for your visitors. We encourage to name tabs by the leading topic of content collected under them. This way, for example, you can divide financial or product communication from branding topics.

Tabs in your pressroom will appear directly under the logo:

You can add as many Tabs as you need but we recommend up to 6 since it is the optimized solution in terms of display.

Adding tabs

  1. Go to Brand Journals and select your pressroom to form the list
  2. Click on the Tabs option

3. Add a tab name in the pop-up window (e.g. Events, About etc.) and click Submit:

Tabs order management

If you have more than one tab in your Tab section, you can easily sort them by using the drag and drop function and clicking on this icon:

Deleting a tab

To delete a tab just click on the trash icon, which appears after you mouse over the tab name:

Why are newly created tabs not active in the press room?

Tabs are visible in your Brand Journal when they have at least one press release published inside. If there are no stories attached, then the tab will not show up and will disappear when the content inside them is moved or deleted. In this way we avoid situations where pressroom displays tabs are totally empty.

Note: Every pressroom contains one predefined tab called News. If you don't create your own tabs and attach a press releases to them, then content goes to this default tab.