How to report that contact is out of date

Journalists often change their major outlets and sometimes their contact details become outdated - some of them permanently change occupations or just retire. If you come across a contact, that you believe may be not up to date, you can report it directly in the Media Database:

  1. Click on a journalist name or the Details button to open the contact card,
  2. Click the Ask for an update button located above the contact card
  3. Specify the reason why you believe this contact should be updated

media database v2 report contact

From the list of reasons, you can select: Job changedOutlet closedRetirement, or Maternity leave. Choose Other if you have observed that the media contact is not accepting your messages (email messages bounce back).
We evaluate user feedback daily to keep the database updated and ready to use, but certain updates can take up to a few weeks. If you have any questions related to updating requests, don't hesitate to contact us via chat.