How to reset my password

Reset your password if you get locked out of your Prowly account.

There's no way for us to tell you what your password is. If you've forgotten your password, the only way of regaining access is through password reset. In order to do that, go to and click Sign In. On the Sign In page, use the Forgot Password link that's right below the password field. You'll be taken to our Password Reset page.


Fill in the email address to your Prowly account and click Send reset link. If there's an account associated with the email address you've provided, there'll be an email message sent to you with a password reset link. Check your email and use the link inside the message we've sent. It will take you to a password reset form where you'll need to provide a new password to your account. As soon you're done, you can go back to the Sign In page and log in using your new password. 


Passwords in Prowly are stored in a way that doesn't allow us to see what your password actually is. That's why resetting a password is the only way to regain access.