How to schedule a publication of press release?

There are two ways for planning a publication in Story Creator:

  1. Click publication status Menu inside your press release, in the top right corner of Story Creator. If you haven't changed it yet, you will see default Draft text there:

2. Choose Scheduled status from the menu

3. In the calendar, define a date of publication, hour and timezone

4. Confirm your choice. The article will go public on your Brand Journal at the desired time.

Can I schedule a publication with a backdate?

Sure, it is most useful when migrating plenty of press releases about your company or brand from different website/tool or non-public offline resources.

  1. Choose a Scheduled status

2. In a calendar set a date from the past
3. Your press release will receive a Published status and will go public on your Brand Journal according to chronology of all your past promotional activities