What are visits, views and pages per visit in Dashboard?

In the Prowly Dashboard, you can verify statistics related to visits, views and pages. Below we provide you with some short definitions of all terms:

- each time your content is entered from an external source is counted as a visit

View - each time the page is entered is a view

Pages per visit - informs you how active the visitors are, i.e. how many pages they go through when they visit your site

Unique visits percentage - indicates what portion of the visits were from first-time visitors in a predefined time frame (e.g. if I enter your press room and then go back to it within a set time frame from the same IP number, then my second visit is not unique, because I have already been to the site within specified time frame)

Audience visits - these are the recipients of your distribution who came to your content after clicking a link in the e-mail