What is a Subscription Form and how does it work?

Subscription Form is a feature that allows you to easily collect the email addresses of those readers who are interested in the content published in your Brand Journal. A viewer who provides his email address is added to your Subscribers database with the Lead tag. Then you are able to add him to your regular email groups in Audience and target him with a newsletter that extends content published in the press room.

To create and configure the Subscription Form, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Brand Journals and select your pressroom from the drop-down list:

2. Click Subscription Forms
3. Choose where the Subscription Form should appear, by activating certain places with a slider in the top-right corners
4. Click Edit on the chosen forms
5. Personalize their color and content
6. Save changes and turn on forms in your pressroom by clicking the Active button

Form locations:

Menu Bar:


Home page:


Story Page:


Category Page:

Read more about use cases and tips in our article on Prowly Magazine or check what the process of signing up to the newsletter looks like from journalist's side.