How to prevent a recipient from getting the same email twice

When you create an email in Prowly, there is a chance that the same journalist might be in more than one list or filter you have selected for the final recipient list. 

media database jeremy clarkson

Let's assume you have added Jeremy Clarkson from Prowly's Media Database to your three media lists: British Journalists, Automobiles Journalists & VIPs. When you distribute an email with all these lists included in the final recipient list, Prowly will prevent you from sending your message twice to the same contact. Then, there is no way that Jeremy Clarkson will be spammed with 3 emails with the same content at the same time.


Important note: When you import your own contacts to Prowly, we also highlight duplicated email addresses to prevent you from having identical media contacts in the database. However, you need to remember that if you have one journalist with two different email addresses in the CRM, these contacts differ from each other and naturally each will receive an email when being included in the final recipient list.