How are contact limits counted

If your subscription plan contains access to Media Database, you are allowed to transfer selected media contacts to your own media lists in the Contacts tab with all their contact details like an email address or phone number. Contact limit defines how many journalists you can have in your lists at the same time and how many you have already transferred. 

    media database

    media database md limit

    The above screenshot shows that a user has moved 3 contacts from our Media Database to his own media lists and can move 2997 more due to his subscription plan limits. When you delete Media Database contacts from your account, the contact limit updates accordingly and it frees up space for new MD contacts.

    You can also export contacts found in Prowly to an external file within your export limit quota. Check our pricing to see plan specifications.



    During the trial, you can add Media Database contacts to your own lists. There are two limitations set until you upgrade to a paid plan:

    • Contact information such as email address and phone numbers remain hidden.
    • Sending an email with a press release to contacts coming from the Media Database is not possible.