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How export limit is counted

If you have any Media Discovery package in your subscription plan, you can export contacts found in our database to an external file. A month or annual export limits renew at the beginning of each subscription period. The export log can be found under the Export menu (screen), where you can control current and past export usage.

export history

Export Size column informs how many contacts were included in the external file. Numbers in Limit Usage column identify how many Media Discovery contacts were exported in a given operation, decreasing your monthly quota. 

Limit Usage

Every time you export media lists that contain Media Discovery contacts, you choose if you want to include them in the file and - consequently - use export limits you are entitled to. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you export Media Discovery contact that was already exported from the Prowly in the same subscription period, it does not decrease your monthly or yearly export limits. On the other hand, if you import the contact from Media Discovery back to the Prowly, it will be counted in the contacts limit. If you are off your quota, Prowly will omit to import Media Discovery contacts.