How to add contact information to your press release

After reading your press release, journalists may want to contact you directly. In order to let them do so, create a card with all the most important contact data to the author of a press release or a media representative. 

How to add a media representative's business card

  1. Choose Brand Journals in the left menu of the application
  2. Go to Media Contacts and click Add new button

3. Fill the business card in as extensively as possible. Provide at least name and surname, your professional email address and photo:

4. Once you have set up your business card and used the Save button, it will appear on the list of Media Contacts:

     If you already have some media cards created in Brand Journals:
5. Click the plus icon in Story Creator when preparing the press release
6. Select Media Contacts from the list of elements:

7. Then select the one you want to add to your press release and click the Confirm button:

The contact card in story creator will look like this:

How to add an Author to your press release

After you create all business cards for media representatives and active editors of your Brand Journal, you can add those them as authors if you wish. You can do it almost the same way as with media contacts.

After clicking the plus icon in the Story Creator, in the Building Blocks section use the Authors option this time. The first person that you add as an author will be displayed on the published story with the description written by.