How to add an email to a campaign

There are two places where you can add an email to a campaign in Prowly. If you have already created or distributed your email, you can implement it into a campaign in its analytical dashboard, but if you have just started email creation, you can assign it to the campaign in the last step of this process.

Email already created or sent

  1. Go to Emails 
  2. Find an email and click it
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the empty field in Campaign
  4. Select a campaign from the drop-down menu and save changes

If you would like to assign a distributed email to a new campaign here, you need to create it first. Go to Emails and choose the New Campaign option.

Email being created

  1. Go to Emails and click New Email
  2. Prepare your email and in the last step, Send, click the Select campaign button
  3. If there is no campaign you want to pin the email to, click Create new campaign
  4. Name it and save changes


emails campaign select campaign

The campaign will be saved in the system with the email being created attached to it.