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How to personalize email content

Prowly lets you freely personalize your emails, even when sending them to hundreds or thousands of contacts from your CRM. Personalization tokens can be easily added to the email content. Every token represents a respective contact property, so we highly encourage you to keep your contacts database updated and filled with as much valuable data as possible.

How to add a personalization token to your email content

  1. In the 3rd step of email creation, click the place in the content where you would like to add a personalization token or select a word that should be replaced with it
  2. Click the Personalize button located above the email creator in the top right corner
  3. Choose which data property of the contact you would like to use for content personalization
  4. As a cautionary measure, you can also set a Fallback value in case some contacts are missing a data property you have chosen for personalization


List of available personalization tokens:

  1. Email
  2. First name
  3. Last name
  4. Role
  5. Personalized greeting
  6. Address
  7. City
  8. Country
  9. Zip Code

Note: You can read more about the value of fallbacks and their use cases here.