Manage brand settings

Brand settings give you a way to set some defaults for all reports under your brand

In order to access brand settings, go to PR Reports and click on the pencil icon right next to the name of your brand

pr reports brand settings icon

You can also click on a brand name to access the brand space and then click on the gear icon (top-right corner) and select Edit

There are several sections under Brand settings.

Brand information

This section holds basic configuration for your brand like name, useful to be able to keep your reports organised if you work with multiple clients. You can also fill in the website URL field that will be used by our algorithms to check if there are any backlinks in your coverage clippings that include this URL.

Reports customisation

This section gives you a way to upload two logos (i.e. yours and your clients) that are going to be automatically inserted into new reports that you make under this brand.

Access rights

By default, all new brands are private meaning only the creator of the brand and other users of your Prowly account with roles owner and admin will see it and can edit. You can invite other users of your Prowly account by granting them a specific access level. You can select:

  • View only 
  • View & edit
  • All access - user can edit and delete reports

You can read more on how to invite new users to your Prowly account in this article.

If you want all of the users of your Prowly account to see the brand and reports under it, click to toggle the private setting off.