Personal data protection: how to filter out a recipient list

When you are configuring your email, please be informed that we have activated GDPR-related Pitch protection. As soon as you choose the recipients of your email, an additional suggestion will appear in the right optimization section:

What does this mean?

The email will be sent out regardless of the consent status for personal data protection marked in Prowly. If you don't want to send out the email to people without consent, check this suggestion.

Where can I define if I have the consent or not?

You can mark in Prowly that you have the consent for personal data processing in each contact's details card. You can also do it in bulk in the Audience main view by using mass actions. Learn more here.

What happens after I click in the warning banner?

After you click on the red banner, you will see a pop-up with additional configurations. Then you decide if you want to send out the email only to those of your contacts who have the consent for personal data processing marked (Yes) or just skip this step and send out to all of the recipients not taking into account the consent settings (No).


By default, all of your contacts in Audience database do not have consent (according to privacy by default rule). You can change it by switching the status of consent to acquired.