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Thumbnail for your press release

You can add a Thumbnail to every press release you publish on your Newsroom and encourage people to click and read the content. Where is it visible?

  • Social media channels after posting a link to published press release
  • Newsroom slider, if you decide to highlight the press release there
  • Within the tile of the press release under the Newsroom slider

Step by Step:

In order to upload a Thumbnail to a press release:

  1. Go to Content -> Newsrooms 

    content newsrooms

  2. Enter the press release settings by clicking the gear icon -> Settings:

Newsroom press release settings icon

3. Move to the Thumbnail tab and add a file:

4. Choose PNG or JPG image from your resources with at least 1280x640px resolution and not bigger than 15 MB
5. Adjust which part of the image should be displayed on a Thumbnail and click Save
6. If you want to change the image, click the Bin icon and upload a new one

newsroom settings thumbnail

If you don't personalise the thumbnail, you will see the header image under the slider and on Facebook posts. Check more details here.