Thumbnail for your press release

You can add a Thumbnail to every press release you publish on a Brand Journal and encourage people to click and read the content. Where is it visible?

  • social media channels after posting a link to published press release
  • Brand Journal slider, if you will decide to highlight press release right there
  • and within a tile of press release under Brand Journal slider

Step by Step:

In order to upload a Thumbnail to press release:

  1. Go to Brand Journal and enter press release Settings by clicking the gear icon:

2. Move to Thumbnail tab and add a file:

3. Choose PNG or JPG image from your resources with at least 1280x640 px resolution and not bigger than 15 MB
4. Adjust which part of the image should be displayed on a Thumbnail and click Save
5. If you want to change the image, click Bin icon and upload a new one

If you won't personalize Thumbnail, on a press release tile under the slider, as well as Facebook post you will see a header image, added at the very top of the press release. Check more details here.